Alen Hanson, Gift Ngoepe out; Max Moroff, Phil Gosselin in

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Alen Hanson is out of options, so he will need to be designated for assignment, which means he will need to clear waivers. I would imagine he would clear considering he has shown essentially zero signs of hitting at the ML level, but we will find out soon. Hanson was hitting .193/.220/.263 in 57 at-bats this year.

Gift Ngoepe started off his ML career hot and was certainly an incredible story, however, like Hanson, has shown an inability to hit at this level. He has options, so he will be sent to Triple-A Indianapolis. Ngoepe was hitting .222/.323/.296 in 54 at-bats.

Max Moroff had nine at-bats with the Pirates earlier in the year and has been mashing the ball in Triple-A. He is hitting .269/.385/.569 with 13 home runs. The most home runs he had hit in any prior MiLB season was eight. He has mostly been playing SS, but has played a little 2B and 3B this year.

The Pirates will also welcome back Phil Gosselin. I’m not sure if us fans will be all that welcoming considering his first stint with the club, but he will get a second chance. He actually has been hitting ok since his demotion on May 8th. In 17 games for the Indians, he is hitting .310/.337/.405 while playing 2B and 3B. He will look to bring that success to Pittsburgh to make up for his .138/.167/.172 line in his 29 at-bats to start the year.

I’m not surprised to see Hanson go as he really didn’t bring anything to the table on this team anymore. But I am surprised to see Ngoepe go. I would rather have him around at least for his glove than to see Gosselin back. Although, Gosselin has shown he is a competent hitter in the past as he has posted a .274/.322/.372 career line between Atlanta, Arizona, and Pittsburgh. Hopefully he can perform more at that level and show some more consistency with his glove than he did earlier in the year.