Cardinals 6, Pirates 1 – TweetCap

— Imbisstube (@Imbisstube) April 5, 2014

Liriano gets Bourjos to fly out and Wong to ground back to him. Cards surprisingly only get 3. #Pirates coming to bat.

— Travis Berardi (@TBerardi_OVA) April 5, 2014

I’ve never heard anyone call Pedro “Baby Bull”

— John Lucas (@johnlucas18) April 5, 2014

Joe Kelly strands two. After one in Pittsburgh, Cardinals lead 3-0.

— St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) April 5, 2014

Joe Kelly just doubled into right-center. Liriano off to a rough start.

— Bill Brink (@BrinkPG) April 5, 2014

This has the feeling of a looooong night.

— Pat Lackey (@whygavs) April 5, 2014

Can you challenge check-swing calls? Asking for a friend

— Climbing the Wall (@climbthewall) April 5, 2014

We've played two in the 'Burgh with your Bucs down 3-0.

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) April 5, 2014

Love this

— Beth (@pghgirl15222) April 5, 2014

Ishikawa gave Liriano a quick pitching lesson in the dugout in between innings and that's why he's pitching well now. #IshikawaFacts

— Ishikawa Facts (@IshikawaFacts) April 6, 2014

Liriano has retired six in a row after allowing six of the first nine #Cardinals to reach base.

— Bill Brink (@BrinkPG) April 6, 2014

There is seriously already a Travis Ishikawa Pirates Twitter parody account? I hate this website.

— Dude Nudity (@Mornacale) April 6, 2014

Another Snider single. He's 2-for-2

— Travis Berardi (@TBerardi_OVA) April 6, 2014

Cards want nothing to do with Pedro

— Ryan C (@HayekandHockey) April 6, 2014

I wanna ride the Russ Bus

— Dude Nudity (@Mornacale) April 6, 2014

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