Pirates Exchange Arbitration Figures with Neil Walker and James McDonald

Per Jon Heyman, the Pirates have exchanged arbitration figures with both Neil Walker and James McDonald [link and link].

According to Heyman, Walker filed at $3.6 million while the Pirates are offering $3 million.

McDonald filed at $3.4 million and the Pirates at $2.65 million.

Walker is a Super Two player, meaning this is the first of four arbitration eligible seasons. McDonald is in his first eligible season of the normal three that a player receives.

One would think the Pirates and Walker will settle things before going to an arbitration case since they are only $600,000 apart in their figures. McDonald and the Pirates are a little further apart, but still have time to figure out an amount.

Garrett Jones remains as the only arbitration eligible player to neither agree to terms nor exchange figures. Last year, the Pirates and Jones went to arbitration over a $250,000 difference, with the Pirates winning the case. Figures had to either be exchanged or an agreement reached by 1 PM ET today, so I’m sure something has happened and we just don’t know about it yet.