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A Farewell to Joel Hanrahan

For the record, and I’ll get into it more later, I think the trade for Joel Hanrahan was pretty fair for both teams. I don’t think there’s a winner or a loser. As a Pirates fan, you have to realize that spending $7 million on someone who pitches 60 innings a year just is not a feasible and real thing that can happen for small-market baseball teams nowadays. Thinking otherwise is just silly. I wish the Pirates could do that, but it just doesn’t make sense.

With that being said, I loved watching Joel Hanrahan over the three and a half years he wore a Pirates uniform and he was one of my favorite players on the team. Watching Twitter explode at the beginning of every ninth inning was great and it is always nice having someone who you trust with a small lead late in a game. I’m definitely going to miss him and will be rooting for him to continue his success in Boston.

Enjoy. [courtesy of Drew Brown]

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