Wednesday Evening Pirates News and Notes

Brian over at Raise the Jolly Roger was watching the playoffs and compiled a list of all the former Pirates making an impact in October. There are a total of 14 ex-Pirates who are competing in this year’s postseason.

Bill Brink of the PG had his end-of-season chat yesterday. A few highlights:

Bill Brink: It’s sounding more and more like they’ll non-tender Jeff Karstens, so they’ll look to sign or trade for a starter.

Mark C.: Has Bob ever officially came out in support of Frank Coonelly’s statement that the entire management team will be reatianed? Has he came out in support of Coonelly himself?

Bill Brink: No and no, and that’s a good point. Nutting could fire Coonelly at a moment’s notice, or overrule him and fire members of the front office. Nutting would then have to honor the rest of those contracts and find (and pay) a new GM, who then has to pick his assistants, scouts, player development staff and manager. The manager then picks his coaching staff.

The further we get from the end of the season, the more I find this unlikely. This process takes time, and will hamper the team’s ability to sign free agents and make trades this offseason. But nothing surprises me with this team.

pghfaninstl: Hey, Bill. I may have missed this earlier, but what is Walker’s current condition? Will he need surgery on his back?

Bill Brink: He told me before the season ended that surgery was a very remote possibility. He has a herniated disc, and those heal with a combination of rest and strengthening the muscles in the core (abs, obliques, back, hips, quads/hamstrings). Trying to come back and play on it prevented the disc from healing. He should be good to go for spring, but these issues can linger, so we will have to watch it his entire career.

Keeping with the postseason theme, Baseball Prospectus put together a list of Eight Playoff Heroes and Goats. Out of the eight, three were Pirates in Bob Moose, Bill Mazeroski, and Jose Lind.

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