Andrew McCutchen wins Gold Glove Award

Ummm, OK.

In what is pretty astonishing news, Andrew McCutchen has won the NL Center Field Gold Glove Award. McCutchen’s speed definitely allowed him to cover a lot of ground and make some highlight reel catches, but statistics and watching him day in and day out show that he probably wasn’t deserving of this, much like Nate McLouth in 2008.

McCutchen’s UZR/150 ranked 9th among 11 qualified NL center fielders and hit a total of zero (perhaps an exaggeration) cut-off men in 2012.

But in all seriousness, even with how silly the Gold Glove Award is, it’s pretty awesome McCutchen won. He is an amazing player and this is the first of hopefully many “major” awards he will win during his career as a Pirate.