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Jayson Stark: Pirates Emerging as Serious Bidder for Justin Upton

Published on July 15, 2012 by in Features, Rumors


Jayson Stark reported on Baseball Tonight that the Pirates are emerging as serious bidders for Justin Upton. Upton has been shopped around for about a week now and there was news that the Pirates were interested, but that they weren’t huge players. This is the first report that they were serious about it.

Stark also adds that the Pirates are not willing to give up Jameson Taillon or Gerrit Cole, but are willing to package Starling Marte in a deal.

Marte, who is the club’s top hitting prospect, will probably never become the player that Justin Upton is. He’s talented, but not Upton-talented, so it seems like if it is possible to do this deal, then I really hope it happens.

On another note, I really find it hard to believe the Diamondbacks would trade Upton without acquiring a Taillon or Cole type talent. Marte isn’t even listed in some scouts’ Top 50 prospects, so if he would be the highlight of the return, I would find that pretty remarkable.

The next few weeks are going to be fun.

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  • Marco Rincones

    I wouldn’t go overboard to acquire Upton….not even Kate Upton. Verlander probably isn’t ready to move her out yet anyway!