History Shows Mark Appel’s Decision is Risky, yet Unprecedented

So as you can see, Appel is actually the only one of these players who is choosing to actually go back and play his senior year of college after not signing with the club that drafted them. As you can also see, it is a pretty big risk turning down “Top 10″ money. None of the players who declined offers the first time around ended up signing for more the second time around. The other thing that hurts Appel is that with him being a college senior next season, he doesn’t have much leverage in negotiations. Whichever team drafts him next season will practically be able to offer him whatever they choose because Appel really does not have a choice. He could go play Indy League ball, but that just wastes another year of development/time and pays very, very little. The only other legitimate option would be to play in Japan, where the money is actually pretty good. But I can’t imagine that being a scenario that Appel would want.

Personally, I think it is a poor choice by Appel to turn down the $3.8 million the Pirates had offered him, but we really will not know for another 12 months. History shows it is a bad move, but history also has not seen a case like this.

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