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Friday Trade Rumors: Headley, Hanrahan

Published on July 27, 2012 by in Features, Rumors

- Jayson Stark writes that the Pirates are among four teams that are aggressively pursuing Padres 3B Chase Headley, but does add that they are less motivated to make a deal at the current moment than they were before. Headley might be the best available hitter in this year’s deadline. His .267/.359/.428 line may not seem all that great, but his .277/.374/.497 road splits are. Keep in mind Headley plays in the worst hitter’s park in baseball.

– Ken Rosenthal tweeted out that the Pirates are “not currently optimistic about their search for a hitter.” He added that there are very few impact bats available, and the ones that are come with a very high price tag. However, the market can be pretty volatile leading up to the deadline.

– Pirates.com beat writer Tom Singer said today that closer Joel Hanrahan could be a part of a “blockbuster” deal with teams willing to give up “two Major League bats for him.” Charlie from Bucs Dugout wrote a good piece about Hanrahan’s season, which if you look at his performances has actually been pretty disappointing. If a team is willing to deal “two bats” for Hanrahan and those bats are actually good bats, then I don’t see how you would not make that trade. Now, I don’t think any sane GM would trade two quality ML hitters for a closer, but who knows? Ned Colletti still runs a team last time I checked, so anything is possible.

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