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Home Features Andrew McCutchen to participate in Home Run Derby

Andrew McCutchen to participate in Home Run Derby

Published on July 7, 2012 by in Features


That’s pretty cool.

Andrew McCutchen currently has 16 home runs, which is good for 6th in the National League. Considering he had zero home runs at the start of May, that is pretty remarkable. Hopefully he’ll perform better than the Pirates’ last Derby participant, Jason Bay, who did not hit a single home run back in 2005.

And for those Debbie Downers who say that the home run derby screw up your swing, just stop.

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  • http://twitter.com/ernee5 Janet Coats

    I am VERY proud of Cutch he has totally earned all of the attention he is getting and this will get him some MAJOR attention but I just am one of the “Debbie Downers” and I do wonder if it will mess him up for the rest of the season because most of the guys that are in those things just don’t play the same the second half of the season. Having said that I wouldn’t take this opportunity away from him and I have NO DOUBT he will come away from this ASG having made a name for himself and everyone in the country will finally get to see the tremendous athlete that we get to see everyday. We are so proud of him here in the Burgh just watch him and ENJOY!

  • Henduck

    I’m a Debbie Downer too – but just becaus I think the derby is every bit as lame as the slam dunk contest. I’m a little PO’d that I now have to watch it this year.