MLB: Tonight’s Pirates game will be broadcast nationally out of market on

A lot has been said about the Pirates game tonight and the black out rules that apply to it. So I picked up the phone and called customer support.

I was able to verify that the game will be blacked out in the Pittsburgh and Milwaukee markets, but it will be available to subscribers who do not reside in those markets.

Still a really, really stupid rule, but at least some people will be able to see it. If you subscribe to and you are in the Pittsburgh market, then you are out of luck, unless you can do something to fool MLB into thinking you aren’t in the area.

  • Adam

    I hope your right because last Saturday I was blacked out and I love in NYC.

    • northsidenotch

      Last Saturday, the game was being carried by Fox, so yes it would be blacked out nationally. But from what I was told, since tonight’s game isn’t picked up by Fox, it is not blacked out nationally. 

  • Rdmusgrave

    just watch the yankess tigers game on fox they will probably give updates on the game

  • David Troyer

    uggh. these rules are mind-numbing. and somehow every spring I forget and order anyhow. thankfully I’m a fan of a couple other teams.