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Hurdle: Jose Tabata playing hurt

Published on June 2, 2012 by in Injuries


A lot of debate has been made on if Jose Tabata has been “dogging” it lately or not. Hurdle now says that the perceived lack of hustle is not that at all, but in fact, Tabata is playing injured.

That would explain why sometimes you see Tabata going full speed and sometimes you don’t. Hurdle isn’t one to put up with players not hustling as he has benched multiple guys in the past, including Tabata.

But this also brings to light another question. If Tabata is not 100%, and playing him at times is detrimental to the team, then why is he playing? I’m not a physician or anything, but I would venture to guess that resting an injured hamstring will allow it to heal quicker and more effectively than playing on that hamstring every day.

The one thing, though, I hope this does do, is change some people’s perception on Tabata. He has had an awful year at the plate, but some people have made statements saying his attitude is a problem. Jose Tabata loves being a Major League player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He signed a contract that was incredibly not smart on his part (financially) to ensure that he would be a Pirate for a long time. As I said before, he needs to start producing more, but give him a break when it comes to his effort and attitude.

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