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Home Rumors Pedro Alvarez will start season in Pittsburgh

Pedro Alvarez will start season in Pittsburgh

Published on March 25, 2012 by in Rumors


This topic has been heavily debated now for weeks. However, Huntington stated that there have been no internal discussions about Pedro Alvarez not starting the season in Pittsburgh.

I am not going to go into too much detail on this because I have discussed it at length in the podcasts and other posts, but I stand behind this decision. Before March, Alvarez was pencilled in at 3rd base in my book and 30 at bats in spring training does not change my mind on that.

Now, it doesn’t mean Alvarez should be given a free pass, but he should be given the opportunity at the Major League level to show if he is the 2010 Pedro or the 2011 Pedro. If he is the 2010 Pedro, then the club will have the pure power hitter they desperately need. If he’s the 2011 Pedro, there are other options. Those options don’t have near the ceiling Alvarez has, but they are, at the least, serviceable.

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  • Jackrosati

    I agree. I think part of Alvarez’s problem is coaching. Why are we giving the batting coach a pass on this? A good batting coach can make an average hitter better. What could he do with a good hitter? Well I can tell you that our batting coach made a good hitter less than average. I wonder how Pedro would be doing in Boston or St Louis?