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Home Rumors Olney: Yanks want Jones for Burnett

Olney: Yanks want Jones for Burnett

Published on February 9, 2012 by in Rumors

More news on the A.J. Burnett front.

Apparently there are some legs to this story and the speculation that the Yankees want Garrett Jones appears to be true.

My feelings on a Jones for Burnett and cash trade are very mixed. With as mediocre as Jones is, the deal, in theory, makes sense. However, outside of Jones, the Pirates outlook at first base looks quite bad. Burnett would help shore up the rotation, but losing Jones would create a pretty big hole.

The Yankees really seem like they want to move Burnett, so hopefully talks will go on.

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  • Dsanto10

    Maybe if the Yankees can also offer Jose Vasquez who can play first base and needs his MLB chance plus Burnett and shave off a little of the cash, the Pirates would be in a better situation to accept the deal.  OR— with the cash the Yankees would be sending them, they’d be able to offer on a FA– -such as Derreck Lee

  • signid