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Burnett trade talks “at an impasse”

Published on February 15, 2012 by in Rumors

Ken Rosenthal reported today that talks between the Pirates and Yankees in a deal that would send starter A.J. Burnett to the Bucs is “at an impasse.”

He also added that the “soft” deadline for a deal to be done is Saturday, which is when Yankees’ pitchers and catchers report to Tampa for Spring Training. The Pirates now stand as the only team where a deal is likely to get done as it was leaked that there was a little interest by the Indians, but that ended very quickly. Also, the Angels are willing to make the trade, but thanks to Mrs. Burnett (who lives in Maryland) and is afraid of flying, Burnett will not approve a trade to the West Coast (Hooray¬†Pteromerhanophobia). There was also a fourth team interested, but they aren’t very serious about the deal.

It looks like the Yankees are just going try to milk this negotiation for all it’s worth. I can’t see the Pirates budging much on the offer as they currently have all the leverage in this thing. We should know soon enough, though, if Burnett will be a Pirate or not.

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