A.J. Burnett sets up college fund for Daniel McCutchen’s daughter

A.J. Burnett continues to make a good impression.

When Burnett was traded to the Pirates, the #34 jersey number belonged to reliever Daniel McCutchen. For compensation for trading Burnett the jersey number, Burnett is setting up a college fund for McCutchen’s soon-to-be-born daughter (she is due in May).

AJ wrote a check 2 College America 529 4 a college fund for my soon to be born daughter in Exchange for #34. Starting that investment early

— Daniel McCutchen (@DanielMcCutchen) February 27, 2012

Burnett, based on his interviews, seems like he is a great guy and happy to be in Pittsburgh. Let’s just hope he turns around his career here as well.

  • Daniel Volz

    very cool and very pittsburgh