11 chances to see Pirates this spring

Without going back and actually looking, I am going to just go ahead and say that the Pirates will be on television way more this Spring Training than any other prior year.

Root Sports Pitsburgh wil cover 4 games, all live. 6 other games (2 live, 4 delayed) will appear on MLB Network. MLB Network will also carry all 4 games covered by Root Sports for any out of towners, however those will be shown on delay. In addition to that, 1 game will be an MLB.tv exclusive. MLB.tv will also show the 4 games that are delayed on MLB Network live.

Click here for the full schedule.

Games on Root Sports

3/10 vs Twins

3/21 vs Red Sox

3/24 vs Astros

3/26 vs Orioles

Games on MLB Network

3/8 @ Phillies (delayed)

3/9 @ Red Sox

3/10 vs Twins (delayed)

3/20 @ Yankees (delayed)

3/21 vs Red Sox (delayed)

3/24 vs Astros (delayed)

3/26 vs Orioles (delayed)

3/27 @ Phillies

4/1 @ Blue Jays (delayed)

4/2 @ Phillies (delayed)

Games on MLB.tv

All games shown above plus

3/5 @ Orioles

So who’s excited? There is baseball THIS WEEK.