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NL Central news; Hello Theo, Goodbye Astros

Published on October 12, 2011 by in Features

First off, the Cubs have reached a deal with Red Sox GM Theo Epstein to join the club. His deal will be for 5 years and he will be paid $15 million. This is excellent news if you are a Cubs fan, not so much for those of us who are not.

Epstein helped lead Boston to 6 playoff appearances and 2 WS titles in his 9 years at the helm. Many consider Epstein to be the best general manager in the game and putting him with the Cubs’ monetary resources could be pretty dangerous for the rest of the National League.

The Cubs will have to give the Red Sox some form of compensation for Epstein, which has yet to be determined, but I would assume it will be something substantial.

Also, Peter Gammons is reporting that the Houston Astros are about to be sold and expects the transaction to be complete in mid-November. The sale would also include Houston moving to the American League, making each league have 15 teams.

So, let’s recap things. The Pirates finished 4th in the NL Central this year. The 5th place team just got the best GM in the game and the 6th place team is moving out. Things just got a bit tougher for the Bucs.

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