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Pirates odd team out for Beltran?

Published on July 24, 2011 by in Rumors

The Pirates really aren’t players for Carlos Beltran and for good reason as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, but some news came out tonight that is pretty interesting.

Beltran has said that he will not accept a trade to an American League team and that he will only accept a trade to 7 National League teams. Looking at the standings, it is easy to see that there are 8 contenders in the National League at the present time: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Arizona.

So, who is the odd team out that Beltran is unwilling to go to? Bobby Valentine said on ESPN this evening that he thinks it is Pittsburgh.

This also stirs up memories of back in 2009 when Beltran and then-Pirates’ 1st baseman Adam LaRoche got into it about Beltran not having any class and not respecting the Pirates after a series sweep of the Mets.

Who is on the 7 team list is not yet confirmed. But if it is true that the Bucs were left off, then hopefully he is traded to Milwaukee and makes the final out of the game the Pirates win to clinch the NL Central.

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