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All-Star Game snub of Andrew McCutchen absurd

Published on July 3, 2011 by in Features

McCutchen ranks 2nd among all NL position players in WAR.

Before we get into this. Glance over this page.

On that page, you see that Andrew McCutchen has the 2nd highest WAR in the National League among all position players, and the best among NL outfielders.

Now, let me list some players and their seasons for you: Joey Votto (2010), Chase Utley (2008, 2009), Albert Pujols (2003, 2005, 2007), Carlos Beltran (2006), Adrian Beltre (2004). You may think that comparing McCutchen’s season to those players’ seasons is a bit ridiculous, but based purely on numbers, that is exactly what I am doing. ¬†Out of those guys, Beltre was the only one who did not make the All-Star team in the season I cited. He would, though, go on to finish 2nd in NL MVP voting.

Now, I know WAR isn’t perfect, no stat is. However, in my opinion, no stat is more telling of a player’s worth compared to another player.

The National League roster has 8 outfielders on it. And Andrew McCutchen isn’t one of them. Sorry, but that is a complete joke. And if that wasn’t enough, being left off the “Final Vote” thing is even more ridiculous.

I understand every team needs one representative, so I have no issue with Justin Upton or Hunter Pence being on the team, even if McCutchen is better than them. I remember PLENTY of Pirates teams in recent history where probably no one deserved to be on the team and I was thankful of that rule.

But Jay Bruce (1.5 WAR), Carlos Beltran (2.7 WAR), Matt Holliday (3.2 WAR) were all selected as reserves over McCutchen and his 4.6 WAR.

McCutchen is on pace to have a 9.1 WAR this season, which historically speaking is an MVP caliber year. In fact, that would be the 8th best season an NL player has had since 2000, and 4th best by someone not named Barry Bonds. Hopefully, if ‘Cutch is able to keep up the pace he currently is on, he won’t be snubbed when it comes to that, either.

You all are witnessing an incredible season right now by Andrew McCutchen. Many Pirates fans are realizing it, but most aren’t. And due to today’s events, people outside Pittsburgh don’t seem to be realizing it either.

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  • Guest

    What is WAR?

  • YazIsGod

    Having just gotten a first hand look at the Bucs (the first time since Giles was the marquee guy) while taking two of three from my Sox, I gotta say that the Pirates were fun to watch. Couple more years and the NL East could get a whole lot more interesting. And yes McCutchen completely got snubbed. He is really a dynamo to watch. Wins above replacement is theoretical, but it makes sense. Without him, the resurgence of the Pirates this year might just be a fluke. With him, I think it is a sign that the future is brightening in Pittsburg. If it's any consolation, he got my twenty five votes.

    • McCLUTCHEN22

      Thanks for all the praise of our beloved Buccos and McClutchen! Not to be a jerk YazIsGod, but we play in the NL Central and it's spelled PittsburgH! :)